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A closet or a cloud? Leave on removable disks or paper? Many businesses face this problem when deciding where to keep their archival records best, and it is often impossible to answer straightforwardly because each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will understand the features of both ways and compare the portals of the board of directors and create a physical archive as the most common way of storing information.

On paper

Despite all the progress, the digitization of services, and the wide choice of storing files online, many people still choose the method of folders folding and arranging all the documents that the organization has ever dealt with. And this can be understood: a virtual boardroom is not as famous as taking office space in an archive. Besides, there is still an opinion that a paper document has more legal force than its digital copy (which many lawyers will disagree with). However, there is a group of materials for which the virtual text is not a substitute, namely:

  • Identity card (unless otherwise provided by law)
  • Certificates of registration of acts, the opening of a company
  • Property rights treaties (unless otherwise provided by law or agreed between the parties)
  • For such documents, storing copies in virtual data rooms may only be a minor option as they are unique and pertain to your identity.


Aside from documents that relate directly to your natural or legal person, many other papers should be stored over time, and if your business is a global corporation, then most likely, creating an online archive is the best decision you can make. Here’s how the boardroom software can become an online archive.
1. Keep copies by department
The best thing you can do with documents right away is sorting them according to the departments they belong to, and with the management board software, you can do it easily and quickly. Besides, you can digitize and organize the existing archive, which will significantly simplify the search for the necessary materials in a certain period.

2. Create the required documents already in the archive
Yes, not only does the board of directors’ software by allow you to hold board meetings and monitor the audit, but also to create the necessary online documentation and save it on the cloud without having to go back again. You can invite other members, keep track of changes, save copies, and more.

The board software is a necessary tool not only for top management but also for those who work to ensure that the recordkeeping function is active. Of course, not everything can be digitized, but is it better not to have all the secondary documents on the cloud to free up space for essential things? And with portals of the board of directors, it is possible!

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